Residential Pest Control

Sting-Rey Pest Control is family-owned and operated, which makes us a perfect pest control service for your loved ones.

We not only have the skill and expertise to get rid of unwanted bugs and insects in your home; we also have the heart to keep your children, pets, and plants safe.

If you want a pest control service that’s guaranteed efficient, and super friendly to boot, then there’s no other service you should welcome into your home but Sting-Rey Pest Control.

Confidence in our work

Our 30+ years of experience is the difference between amateur and expert. Spanning generations of pest control knowledge and technique, Sting-Rey Pest Control is who you call if you want smart and practical work done.

We know that the key to finding solutions is correctly identifying problems. Our sharp and hardworking crew can easily tell which type of undesirable creatures reside in your home and quickly draw efficient mechanisms to get rid of them.

Peace of mind for your family

Our work with you is important not only to relieve your home of pests but also to ensure that your family stays healthy and happy. We offer eco-friendly products and procedures that spell a safe and sound environment for everybody at home.

Success guaranteed

Once we strike a deal, consider the deed done! Our business is licensed and insured, so you won’t have to worry about anything. Our fast, reliable, and friendly service are guaranteed to make you know that your investment for a clean and pest-free home is truly worth it.

Commercial Pest Control

There is nothing worse in your time at the office than having to deal with bothersome creatures in the workplace.

If that is the case for you and your employees, then give us a call at Sting-Rey Pest Control. Our friendly and efficient service, plus our flexible schedule, will guarantee that your performance at work will be pest-free and stress-free!

We offer clear and tailor-fit solutions to your pest problems, whichever workplace you are in.

Office space

Health is the top priority in any business, so protect your employees’ health by preventing the infestation of pests in the office. The eco-friendly products that we use also keep office structures and equipment in top shape.


Imagine the trouble you would have to go through if unwanted critters got hold of your retail products. The good thing is, you won’t have to deal with this kind of problem. When it comes to pest control in the retail business, we’ve got you covered.

Kitchens and Restaurants

To say that pest control is vital in the food business is an understatement. The safety of restaurant goers is number one in the food industry.

Make sure to keep happy tummies happy and healthy by calling only Sting-Rey Pest Control. We have the right products to safeguard the food prepared in the kitchen and then served to hungry customers.

Warehouses and factories

The large space that warehouses and factories occupy make them an easy target for pest infestation. When you prevent structure and equipment damage from ants, cockroaches, and other common Nevada pests, you also prevent work-related incidents.

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Sting-Rey Pest Control is the clear choice for your home or office pest control needs.